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Judy Lauson is a Canadian artist residing in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.  She specilaizes in miniature dioramas and dollhouses in 1:12 scale.


Originally born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Judy emigrated to Canada with her husband in the early seventies.  It was a few years later that she began exploring the art world through experimentation with Papier Tole ( an artform using paper prints to create three dimensional artwork) a craft perfected by the French.  

The idea to wire miniature lights into some of the scenes intrigued her but it would have been too much of a risk if the lights overheated amongst the layers of paper print.

Hence from the three dimensional paper artworld, she evolved to three dimensional wooden dioramas, that eventually gave rise to her passion for miniatures.


This website explores the artwork of Judy and gives the viewer an insight into her world of creative miniature art.  Some of the works viewed are available for private sale by directly contacting her (See Contact). 


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