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Milton's Barber Shoppe Details

Front View

A certain nostalgia surrounds this 19th century barbershop. It is a busy place, the newsie on the corner ,the two sisters crossing the road ,mother cat tending her kittens and the handsome gentleman with his new haircut escorting his pretty lady.

Barber Pole

The barber pole next to the door

The other barber pole

This barber pole includes a pair of scissors,a great significance to this store as Milton is known for his precise haircuts and moustache trims

The Newsie

Selling the daily newspapers "Only 5 cents a piece" he shouts "Read all about it!"

Cat and kittens

Curious mama cat is leaving her kittens to "check out" the newsie. The fresh bread from the basket is making her hungry.

Two sisters

Crossing the road are two sisters.The older one is carrying a basket full of freshly baked bread the smell of which is still wavering in the air and attracting Mama cat who was playing with her kittens. The younger sister is holding her older sister's hand and clutching her dolly tightly.


This dapper gentleman has just had a haircut and is about to walk his lady home

Advertisement in Signage

Mason's advertising black shoe polish and white dressing "You see it's Mason's allright!"

Around the side of the shop

In the meantime the banker in the shoeshine chair is oblivious to the commotion that surrounds him as he is so engrossed in the financial news in the paper.

Stubborn pet pig

The young boy is trying to pull his stubborn pet pig to the side of the road and using the mirror stand as leverage

Back of the shop

Two businessmen are having a beer and smoking their pipes over a board game during one of their routine get-togethers.

Duggal,the spaniel

Duggal, derived from gaelic, the cocker spaniel is looking wistfully at the sky

Full back and side view
Name signage

Milton's barber shoppe est.1900

Lounge chair

A well used lounge chair sits in the corner of the shop. The marked seat, backrest and armrests indicate that many patrons waited patiently here.

Walking stick stand

The customer has placed his pipe on the ashtray whilst he is being shaven. He has also left his walking stick in the stand amongst a few of Milton's own collection

The counter

Shavers,shaving cream,razor blades,scissors,hair tonics,pipes and lotions are displayed in the counter.All are for sale.

Corner shelf

The shelf holds supplies of a few tubs of hair supplies which includes brylcream and tonic. And an assortment of cigars.

Family portait

A photo of Milton's father and uncle with their dapper customers. Milton has come from a generation of barbers.

The Barber and Customer

Milton, the barber with a razor in hand is about to shave a customer. Excess shaving cream has spilled over the table and is running down the table

The customer

The activites outside the shop have distracted the customer, and in order to satisfy his curiosity and unable to move his head for fear of being cut by the razor, he instead rolls hos eyes toward the window.

Towel bin and broom

The towel bin is already full with used towels and broom and dustpan stand ready to sweep up any exess hair on the floor

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